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A Wizard of Pangloria
ISBN: 978-1709122347


A species bent upon destroying their planet, a concerned guardian of the cosmos and a frustrated young wizard.

The latest book of fantasy and magical adventure, from the world of Pangloria.


The Earth is heading towards the ravages of another world war. meanwhile the Damsel, a guardian of the cosmos, has been called forth by the age-old green man who is concerned about the environmental future of his home planet.

Knowing that only through magical intervention, can the Earth be saved from Mankind's worst excesses, the Damsel and the Spirit Collective decide upon a last-ditch solution. The creation of more magical havens across the Earth and the education of its inhabitants to stem mankind's ignorant efforts in destroying their planet.

Back in the magical world of Pangloria the fledgling young wizard Rookwort Crumpshaw is being sorely tested as he strives to gain control of his innate magic. Setting out upon a dangerous journey of discovery he quickly realises that he may not possess the skills to survive.


The Damsel now begins a desperate race to find three guardians from the magical world of Pangloria. But who will she choose?

A Wizard of Pangloria is the fourth book and a prequel to the Tales of Pangloria series. A tale of magical adventure, evil enemies and love and loss.

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