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Escape To Pangloria
ISBN: 9798558874716


Magic, adventure, a spy, and a merciless assassin. Escape to Pangloria book five in the Tales of Pangloria series.


Katie Crabtree receives an unexpected visit from her estranged father. But he reveals a dark secret about his past and because he is in need of urgent help the children decided to pitch in to save him from those who are hunting him.


Flying into danger once again Katie seeks help from the wizard Rookwort Crumpshaw, and the seer Amarelda, whose visions reveal more than just the identity of a deadly KGB  killer.

Join Barney Betts, Katie and their friends, as they travel back in time through the treacherous maelstrom of the Ice King in a bid to save Katie’s father.

But will they be they smart enough to outwit the assassin who is bent on eliminating him? 

A tale of magical adventure and wicked intentions with a cold war twist.