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Beyond the Maelstrom




An epic fantasy and magic adventure for children aged 9 - adult.

The wizard Rookwort Crumpshaw has gone missing in the world of Pangloria!

Setting off on a madcap adventure in search of the fabled Captain Gizzard's treasure, Rookwort is lured by a mysterious pirate captain with the promise of finding powerful magic artefacts among the huge treasure hoard.

But here's the rub! Rookwort will have to travel back in time, through the legendary Maelstrom of the Ice King and into mortal danger, for a treasure hoard that may not even exist!

Meanwhile, back in the sleepy village of Plummington Minor, both Barney Betts and the young witch Katie Crabtree have dreams, warning them about Rookwort's plight. After speaking with their friend the Panglorian wood sprite, Flitter Trott, Barney and his friends set out once more on a daring mission to rescue the wizard Rookwort.

Their quest quickly gathers momentum as they enlist the help of two strange Pinook children and a witty but enigmatic Myrtle Cat. Their journey leads them to the mysterious Cave of Crystal and a terrifying encounter with the ghost of the dreaded Ice King of Pangloria, before they fly back in time to the Caribbean of the 18th century to battle with ghostly skeletons and a scurvy crew of treacherous pirates.

Beyond the Maelstrom is the second book in the Tales of Pangloria series and continues with stories of magic, swords and sorcery and time travel; all ideal elements for a world of epic adventure.

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