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Trouble With Sisters
ISBN-13: 9781727731262 
ISBN-10: 1727731263


The latest epic fantasy and magic adventure for children from the world of Pangloria.

The young witch Katie Crabtree is gazing into her scrying crystal and discovers to her horror that an ancient form of dark magic is now abroad in the parallel world of Pangloria! Together with her friends Barney Betts, the Barker twins and their dog Bouncer, they decide to investigate this latest threat to the folk of Pangloria.

Flying on Barney's magic bedstead the children head into danger once more and seek guidance from the seer Amarelda who reveals some alarming news about the person wielding a powerful ancient magic. Follow the children as they join forces once again with the Pinook children Drewster and Skye Orne, and head into a desperate mission to find this rogue sorcerer, before he can wreak further havoc and enslave the unsuspecting inhabitants of Pangloria.


Meanwhile, the wizard Rookwort Crumpshaw has received a dire warning from his companion Myrtle Cat, Murphy O'Riley. After speaking with the wood folk from the realm of faerie, deep within the Enchanted Forest he decides to visit the stronghold of the white witches' of Fligget Wood. After a secret entrance into the white witches' domain and a chance encounter, Rookwort finds that all is not as it should be. The Moonlove sisters have been enchanted and are now at war!

Can Rookwort and the children find the person wielding the dark magic and stop him before the Moonlove sisters destroy each other?

Trouble with Sisters is the third book in the Tales of Pangloria series. A tale of magical adventure, wicked intentions and misguided romance.