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Barney's Bedstead




The first book in a new series of epic magical adventures for children and young adults.

Barnaby Betts is just a plain, ordinary, ten year-old-boy, who together with his mum Olivia, lives upon the edge of poverty. But life is about to get a lot more exciting for young Barney. The trouble all starts when Barney breaks his bed. The second-hand replacement bedstead which Barney's mum bought at the mysterious Crumpshaw's Emporium is more than it seems; it can fly!

In a sleepy English village in the 1950s, a secret haven of fantasy and magic exists within the borders of Badger Wood. Watched over by two beings of the faerie world; a wood sprite and the Foundling, they keep natures balance between rural England and the magical world of Pangloria. The inhabitants of Plummington Minor have no idea about the strange land that lies beyond their borders. But when the Foundling is stolen by a group of evil wraith-like beings four children and a dog are launched into an exciting adventure, when they decide to investigate the Foundling's strange disappearance.

When their quest flounders, however, they have no choice but to seek help from Rookwort, the bungling wizard who allowed the Foundling to be captured. Loyalties are tested as the fate of two worlds hangs upon the courage of a dog, four children and a magic, flying bedstead that will carry them into the fray.


But will they be able to rescue the Foundling in time?

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