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The Casket Of Chaos

ISBN:  9798445400783

A tale of love and loss. Dark magic, and a terrible enemy.


Two years have passed since their last adventure.

Barney Betts, Katie Crabtree and the Barker twins are now teenagers, who still travel to the magical world of Pangloria to visit the High Wizard Rookwort Crumpshaw and Katie’s father Simon.

Meanwhile a mysterious casket has been found in the Far Reaches,

which holds more than just a piece of jewellery.

But trouble is brewing when the Myrtle Cat, Murphy O’Riley reveals that dark magic has arisen in the domain of the dreaded Vanraag Alliance. While Rookwort heads off in search of a mysterious race of dark elves called the Elfkin, Katie and her friends head back to Plummington Major to seek help from her great uncle Ezekiel Crumpshaw, but all is not well at home.

Follow our intrepid heroes, as they battle against evil magic and the undead Serpent Guard in part one of this latest tale ‘The Casket of Chaos.’

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